Whether you’re a seasoned DoD budget analyst, a business development professional or just have a general interest in how U.S. tax dollars are being spent, you’ve likely had a difficult time wading through the scores of documents and thousands of pages detailing the U.S. Department of Defense budget; or perhaps you’ve resorted to paying a consulting firm big bucks to do it for you.

Stratvocate now offers a tool which changes this paradigm, making it easy to drill into the military budget, forecast future spending over the next five years, and dissect the budget based on funding source. Please visit www.stratvocate.com/learn/dod-budget to check out our new DoD budget forecast and analysis tool. It provides an unprecedented view on where the money is going, with insights into the spending profiles for each military department and supporting agency. And it’s free!

We didn’t invent the numbers – they’re published by the Department of Defense, all five years’ worth. But there’s never been a free tool available to convert the “Big Data” into digestible and actionable information. We did that work for you. Talk about easy, we let you find what you are looking for with a few simple clicks.

If it’s the numbers you’re after, you can easily get a high level view, of say, how much will be spent across major product categories (aircraft, ships, ground vehicles, electronics, weapons, etc), or you can drill into these categories to get as detailed as you want – all the way down to a specific budget line item and all the way to the details provided in the President’s Budget Justification books. We also provide automated links to our Opportunity Database to help you find government solicitations for business associated with specific programs and market areas. And if you’re interested in the contracts the government has already awarded for a particular item, we offer a link to this information as well.

If you’re more visual, once you have the information you are looking for, you can create a professional color bar chart in a snap by clicking on the Create Chart button, and then download it into your favorite desktop publishing or presentation software.

We hope you find this a useful tool for your business endeavors or general interest. Once on the Stratvocate site, please feel free to roam around. There are several other government market research and business development tools you might also like. And please stay tuned. There’s plenty more to come.