Those who do work for the U.S. Federal Government have a long history of innovation and spectacular success.  It is these people who put a man on the moon and returned him home safely, these people who developed and applied cutting edge technologies to win the Cold War, and these people who keep us safe around the clock at our airports, at our borders, and in our everyday lives.

Yet despite these remarkable and proud accomplishments the way these people do their work day in and day out remains largely as it's been for the last 30 years -- with spreadsheets and email, and attachments that come from a buddy they know in Washington, DC.  We're here to change that.  We at Stratvocate believe there's a more efficient way, a more informed way, a better way.

We welcome you to our vision of the future.  One where every employee at every company can be as informed as they desire.  Where people can form human networks that transcend traditional organizations and hierarchies.  Where successful people and successful companies can become even more successful.

We invite you to explore our site.  It contains sections to learn and become better informed through free online tools such as federal contract searches, congressional committee information, competitive filings with the SEC, and an online tool allowing you to dissect and analyze the Department of Defense budget which accounts for half the discretionary spending of the United States.  It contains an Opportunity Management System (OMS) allowing you to find new business, manage the pursuit of new business with online capture plans and look-ahead calendars, and view financial forecasts associated with your new business pipeline.  It contains online tools to post procurement notices to other companies.  And it contains a business-oriented social network to help you easily connect with the people and companies who can help you reach your goals.

Today is just a start.  Please check back often as we have more ideas to help you and your business that we'll be rolling out in the future.  And feel free to provide us feedback through the Contact Us link -- we'd love to hear from you.  In the meantime we hope you find value in our site and share our passion to turn into reality this glimpse of the future.