Solicitation Number: SPE7M120T2270
Notice Type: SOLICIT
NAICS: 333999
Notice Published: 10-21-19
Response Due: 11-06-19

Agency: Defense Logistics Agency
Office: DLA Acquisition Locations
Contact: Questions regarding this solicitation should be emailed to the buyer listed in block 5 of the solicitation document which can be found under the Additional Information link.If the Additional Information link does not work, please go to https://www.dibbs.bsm.dla.mil/Solicitations/ and type the solicitation number in the Global Search box.
Office Address: 333999

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Proposed procurement for NSN 4330012660947 FILTER BODY,FLUID:Line 0001 Qty 34.00 UI EA Deliver To: DLA DIST CORPUS CHRISTI TX EWM By: 0259 DAYS ADOThis is a source controlled drawing item. Approved sources are 18350 AD-A089BEP-4Y2; 78286 70351-38801-101.
The solicitation is an RFQ and will be available at the link provided in this notice. Hard copies of this solicitation are not available. The items furnished must meet the requirements of the drawing cited in the solicitation. Digitized drawings and Military Specifications and Standards may be retrieved, or ordered, electronically.
All responsible sources may submit a quote which, if timely received, shall be considered.
Quotes must be submitted electronically.


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