Wireless Cellular Services

Subject: Wireless Cellular Services
Solicitation Number: JBLEWireless
Notice Type: SOLICIT
NAICS: 517312
Notice Published: 10-21-19
Response Due: 11-04-19

Agency: Department of the Air Force
Office: Air Combat Command
Contact: BRENTON D. MCCOY, CONTRACTING OFFICER, Phone 7577647484, Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - JEREE L. GRIMES, Community Partnership Manager, Phone 7572258323, Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Office Address: 14 Burrell Street (bldg. 67) Langley AFB VA 23665
Place of Performance: Joint Base Langley-Eustis (JBLE) - The needs expressed in this RFP represent needs for both installations. This requirement is needed at both Fort Eustis & Langley AFB.HAMPTON, VA 23665

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Joint Base Langley-Eustis (JBLE) is requesting proposals from industry for cellular services to improve signal strength on the installation.  This is an opportunity for cellular providers to increase coverage in the Hampton and Newport News area for both on base users and the growing community of future customers immediately surrounding JBLE. 

The 633d Contracting Squadron of JBLE requests proposals to utilize Air Force owned real property, subject to the following:

•1.       BACKGROUND

JBLE's reliance on cellular and wireless technologies is expanding at an increased rate and Air Force leadership views mobile-enabled Airmen as a strategic mission and retention issue.  JBLE requires reliable lines of communication for emerging mission requirements and expanded emergency response capability.  JBLE Airmen depend on tools that require a reliable commercial network connection. Coverage of the base is necessary at all times in order to meet mission requirements and commercial usage applications. 

•2.       PROJECT

The Government possesses underutilized, non-excess Air Force real property on JBLE-Langley available for lease, in whole or in part.  This property is described as the "Leased Premises" for purposes of installing, operating, and maintaining wireless telecommunication equipment to provide reliable voice and data service to JBLE-Langley.  The proposal should include fourth generation (4G) cellular network technology or better. The Target Area (TA) includes those parts of the installation where current services and associated equipment can be installed in order to provide and increase cellular services to meet a minimum of 4G service or better.  The selected qualified cellular service providers (Offeror(s)) will finalize plans for development, management, and operation of the project in a manner that is acceptable to the Government.


The proposal could result in a Government real estate transaction or transactions with the selected Offeror(s) for JBLE-Langley and JBLE-Eustis.  At JBLE-Langley, the Government proposes to potentially lease the Leased Premises to the Highest Responsive Offeror(s)(HRO) "as is/where is" for the term of the resultant lease agreement, expected to be a length of five to fifteen years.   At JBLE-Eustis the proposal would require the Offeror to work proposal with a privatized vendor directly and obtain access from the installation.

The Government requests qualifications / proposals from highly-qualified Offeror(s)s to design, engineer, construct, own, operate, manage, and maintain new "Co-Locatable" telecommunications solution systems including necessary support equipment and structures, related infrastructure and improvements whose purpose is to provide 4G wireless voice and data service or greater to JBLE.  The infrastructure shall also allow for future transition to 5G or other cellular service advancements during the term of the lease if proposed.  Any proposed solution  shall be of sufficient height, capacity, and structural integrity to accommodate multiple wireless telecommunication service providers' antennas, with the possibility of including Air Force equipment, not to exceed 150ft and not obstruct JBLE flying operations.


The objectives of the Project are to determine and select the HRO who can best:

4.1. Provide wireless telecommunication voice and data services at JBLE where current services are not extended or have a less than 4G coverage.

4.2. Provide the highest consideration above fair market value (FMV)* in exchange for granting a leasehold interest of the property; with a 3% annual escalation clause or as may be negotiated upon selection of the HRO.

4.3. Optimize the use of the property in accordance with the Enabling Statue and within the constraints and restrictions documented in the RFP.

4.4. Lease the property in a manner that is compatible with the JBLE mission and adjacent Government use.

4.5. Optimize the consideration to be received by the Government from the HRO.

* FMV will be based on the area(s) proposed by the Offeror(s) for location(s) of proposed infrastructure / equipment required to complete the project.  Once the area is identified by an Offeror(s), the 99th Civil Engineering Squadron - Real Property office will be responsible for finalizing the Government's FMV and used as the basis for final negotiations with the HRO.


The Offeror(s) shall provide 4G wireless voice and data service or greater to JBLE.  Specifically, coverage emphasis shall include the dormitories, the Hospital, housing or other high density areas of the installations. 

The use of government fiber and duct system(s) may be available on a case by case basis depending on where the cellular system tower(s), pole(s) or other equipment will be placed / installed.  In the event there is fiber and duct space available; the vendor understands that in the future, should the government require any of that fiber or space, the Government has primacy over the use of said fiber and space.  The HRO will then be required to install their own fiber and necessary ducting to complete the project.  All project designs and subsequent designs and/ or as-built designs will be submitted to the Government for their review / records if selected as the HRO. 

Any future changes made to the HRO's Cellular System to include tower(s), pole(s) and any associated equipment installed, in regards to frequencies and power output, will require a new frequency approval and environmental study accomplished at the HRO's expense.

When creating the RFP the vendor shall include a list of proposed radio frequencies to be used and include tower and pole heights for each location as applicable.




The HRO shall design, engineer, construct, own, operate, manage and maintain the proposed equipment, associated building(s), all site improvements within the Leased Premises, underground utilities to the nearest usable connection point, and any access roads required to the Leased Premises.  The HRO shall be responsible for the installation of all equipment necessary to support proposed equipment operations. Once an HRO is selected, a final design and site plans for the Project shall be submitted to the Government for review prior to construction.

The HRO shall obtain any necessary financing to design, engineer, construct, own, operate, manage and maintain the Project for the lease term.  The property is located on a Department of Defense (DoD) military installation which includes an operational runway.  Mission related noise, frequency spectrum regulation and security requirements can be expected.

The HRO may be required by the Government to provide "in-kind" consideration in a total amount not less than the final FMV of the leasehold interest for the Leased Premises in accordance with the terms of the offer.  Additionally, as this is a requirement for a "Co-Locatable" Solution, if any sublease compensation opportunities are available, the Lessee shall provide the Government, as Additional Rent, a sublease compensation to be negotiated and finalized with the HRO.  The Government and the HRO will negotiate final development and finalize the processes by which the HRO will deliver the "in-kind" consideration / rent to the Government.

The HRO shall be responsible for the following:

6.1. Land Survey - Upon selection the HRO shall, at its expense, accomplish a land survey of the Leased Premises.  The survey shall be signed by a government surveyor.  Two print copies and a digital media copy of the signed survey plat shall be provided to the Government.  The land survey will provide the legal description of the Leased Premises and the access road.

6.2. Environmental Baseline Survey - Upon selection the HRO shall, at its expense, complete an Environmental Baseline Survey (EBS) of the Leased Premises and deliver two print copies and two digital media copies of the EBS to the Government.  The EBS shall be prepared following applicable industry standards such as American Society for Testing and Materials D6008 (ASTM, 2014) and relevant Air Force Instructions (AFI 32-7066).  As this document becomes part of the real estate transaction administrative record, it shall be prepared, certified and signed by an environmental professional well qualified to assess the condition of cultural, natural and biological resources.  Government acceptance of the document shall occur when the JBLE Civil Engineer (or authorized designee) approves and signs the document.

6.3. Electromagnetic Interference De-confliction - Upon selection the HRO shall, at its expense, coordinate with and provide funds to the Joint Spectrum Center (JSC) to conduct an analysis for new or substantially upgraded commercial telecommunications services on federal property to determine the potential for Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) to existing or planned operations at the proposed installation facility.  A copy of the JSC report of findings shall be delivered to the Government.

6.4. Compliance with FAA and FCC Requirements - The Offeror(s) shall comply with any and all procedures, requirements, and restrictions required or imposed by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the Installation Commander, or any other appropriate authority.  Proof of any required FAA, FCC or other regulatory concurrence/approval must be submitted to the Installation Spectrum Manager (ISM) prior to initiation of construction. Additionally, proposed above ground infrastructure will require approval by JBLE officials to verify compliance and de-confliction with flight operations.

6.5. Fair Market Determination - Upon selection the HRO shall, at its expense, fund the government designated agency to conduct an appraisal for the purpose of determining the FMV of their proposed solution(s).  The appraisal will be Government property.  The FMV determination shall include the land lease revenue and revenue sharing opportunities from the tower.  Potential lease fee adjustments from Government occupied space on the tower associated equipment should be included in the FMV determination.

6.6. Environmental Impact Analysis - Upon selection the HRO shall, at their own expense, accomplish the required environmental impact analysis to the satisfaction of the Government.  The JBLE Environmental office has determined, utilizing the authorities found in Air Force regulation 32 CFR Part 989, that an Environmental Assessment (EA) is required for the Project.  The HRO shall prepare the EA in close coordination with the JBLE Environmental office and in accordance with National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) regulations found at 40 CFR Parts 1500 to 1508. 

6.7. Utilities - Utilities, if provided by the Government, will be at the expense of the HRO.

6.8. Restrictions on Foreign Participation - Unless a waiver is granted by the Secretary of Defense, should the government of a terrorist country or a US Government recognized terrorist organization have a significant interest in an Offeror(s) (or a subsidiary of the Offeror), then such Offeror(s) or subsidiary of Offeror(s): (a) shall not be selected for the Project; and (b) shall not participate in connection with the Project. This restriction is in accordance with Government policies and 10 U.S.C. § 2327.


The lease is provided under the authority of Title 10, U.S.C. Section 2667 (the "Enabling Statute"), as amended.  This authority allows military installations to lease land and facilities to private or public entities in exchange for cash or in-kind consideration in an amount not less than the FMV as defined by a government appraisal of the leasehold interest for such land and facilities.

Pursuant to this authority, the Department of the Air Force (the "Government") is issuing a Request for Proposals (RFP) to solicit proposals from Offeror(s) interested in entering into a lease with the Government for the Leased Premises.


Offerors should use this information when developing their proposals.  After evaluating all Offerors proposals, the Government will determine the proposal most advantageous to the Government and identify the HRO.  After identification of the HRO, the Government will enter into exclusive negotiations with the HRO to address all of the requirements set forth above.

Proposals shall include the following information:

8.1. Qualifications of the Offeror(s) - Submit information describing the unique qualifications of the Offeror(s) for this lease.  Include proof of Federal Communications Commission (FCC) licensure to provide wireless telecommunications service.  Provide an organizational chart showing the design team, the Prime Contractor and each sub-contractor.  For each firm involved list the Principal-in-Charge, the Project Manager, and other support personnel.  Also include a list of all equipment suppliers to be utilized on their proposed solution.

8.2. Project Experience - Provide a list and description of similar project experience (especially on a

Military reservation) for the Prime Contractor for the last three years.  The listed projects shall be of similar size, scope and complexity in order to demonstrate the contractor's capability to design and manage comparable projects, follow project schedules, solve signal coverage problems or associated troubleshooting in a timely fashion, and recruit / retain multiple carrier participation.  The following information should be provided:

Name of Project and Location

  • Location owner POC, address / email / phone

  • General scope and dollar value of project

  • Period of Performance

  • Principal or Project Manager in charge

  • List of Multiple Carrier Participation / Agreements

8.3. Overall Strategy - The Offeror(s) will describe their overall strategy to successfully meet the Government's requirement.  Specifically provide the strategy for selecting the proposed solution(s), project design and/ or equipment, including the ability to adapt new technologies and geographic requirements as they arise.  Discuss how the proposal minimizes the demand on ground space and permits expansion for future carriers with minimal or no disruption to cellular service.

This section shall also include termination and end-of-lease responsibilities - discuss site restoration and conveyance back to the government.  Lastly, describe any available space for Government use, if available.

8.4. Project Schedule Projection - Provide an overall project schedule including both the

Survey/marketing phase and the implementation/construction phase of the project.  The proposed schedule, in Gantt chart format, shall provide enough detail to clearly show start and finish relationships between tasks, dependencies between tasks and the critical path(s).  The proposal shall include sufficient detail to illustrate the Offerors ability to design, implement and maintain a project schedule.

8.5. Revenue Proposal - Describe how the project will be financed and provide clear evidence of available funds for this project including but not limited to: anticipated revenue sharing plans (including annual escalation, cost schedules, carrier contracts, etc.).  Projected revenues shall be carried through the 5 year base lease term and preferably through 20 years.

The revenue proposal may be in the form of a fixed monthly amount as well as the proposed percentage of the lease the government will receive.  The minimum acceptable revenue proposal will contain a monthly lease fee to be paid to the government for the land use, plus revenue obtained from the tenants occupying the equipment.  The proposal should maximize revenue to the Government from tower operations.

8.6. Selection Criteria - The award will be made to the Offeror(s) who, in the opinion of the Government, offers the best overall package consistent with the lease objectives.  The Government reserves the right to select the HRO without discussions.  Therefore, each submittal should contain the Offeror's best terms from a cost, price and technical standpoint.  The evaluation will include a review of the Offeror's:

  • Revenue Proposal

  • Addressing Government requirements

  • Professional Qualifications (and subcontractors & equipment suppliers) Prior experience of projects of similar size, scope

Demonstrated capability to design and follow a project schedule Demonstrated capability to recruitand retain multiple carrier participation Completeness of proposal submission financial stability of Offeror(s)


No evaluation credit will be provided for small and/or disadvantaged business participation.


Proposal packages shall be submitted electronically to the Government no later than 5:00 P.M. EST,        4 Nov 19.  Each proposal shall be clearly marked with the Offeror's Name, RFP Number, and Title of their proposal.  All Pages shall be marked with the RFP number and include page numbers. Proposals shall be delivered to the following email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Proposals that fail to furnish required submittals or that reject any of the required terms and conditions of this lease may be rejected by the Government.  Any Offeror(s) whose proposal is rejected for being incomplete will not be evaluated by the Government in its assessment of the most advantageous proposal.


Proposals submitted after the due date identified in paragraph 10 of this RFP will not be considered. Offerors accept all risks of late delivery of email or mailed submittals regardless of fault.


In the event there is a conflict between this RFP and the lease, the terms of the lease shall prevail.


AFI 32-7066, Environmental Baseline Surveys in Real Property Transactions, 26 January 2015

ASTM D6008-96, Standard Practice for Conducting Environmental Baseline Surveys


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