NAVIFOR MOC TYCOM Support & IW Requirements and Programs

Subject: NAVIFOR MOC TYCOM Support & IW Requirements and Programs
Solicitation Number: N0018923R0009
Notice Type: SOLICIT
NAICS: 541330
Notice Published: 03-21-23
Response Due: 03-22-23

Agency: Department of the Navy
Contact: Amy Barnes This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Ph: (757) 443-1343
Office Address: NORFOLK, VA 23511-3392

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Amendment 0004 is to relocate the Subcontracting Plan section, within the Instruction and Evaluation Criteria, to be submittedunder Volume 2 instead of Volume 1. Amendment 0003 is to revise the answer to question #16 on the Q&A attachment. Amendment 0002 is to add 2 CLINs for insurance, remove WD's for other locations besides Norfolk, VA, update attachments list, remove 52.217-9 (not applicable), update FAR 52.222-42, add page numbers to the RFP, update Past Perf. Info Form font size, clarify ordering in 52.212-1 & -2, add verbiage about pricing in 52.212-1, extend submission date, edit PWS, updated DD254, added acronym list as attachment, revised pricing sheet and amend solicitation to include Q&A. Amendment 0001 is to extend the submission due date until 3/10/2023, due to the Government still working on responding to questions that were asked during the question submission time frame. This instant requirement will provide contractor support to NAVIFOR providing a broad range of technical services to address wholeness gaps and Operational Level of War (OLW) manpower, personnel, training and education (MPT&E) issues across the range of OLW/Maritime Operations Center (MOC) activities as articulated in the annual OLW/MOC Integrated Priorities Capability List (IPCL). Specifically, contractor support shall work MPT&E and capability assessment issues identified in the OLW/MOC IPCL to develop solutions in the areas of operational planning, operational assessment, maritime targeting, and the integration of kinetic and non-kinetic capabilities. Contractor shall also provide the C2 and maritime fires expertise necessary to collaborate with OLW stakeholders and engage MOC personnel via the FMSC Requirements Working Group and mission area capability assessments in the areas of C2, BMD and maritime fires in order to refine capability gaps and identify or develop appropriate solutions across the DOTMLPF-P spectrum.